How many streams are there and which do I use in my workplace?

Most learning objectives and associated item banks are the same for all work places. However in three domains there is a choice of two streams to capture variation in workplace roles, focus and terminology. When there is a choice, you only need to complete one stream within the domain. The streams are:

A - Direct Service Provision

Choose this stream if you typically have direct contact with service users. You may provide individual and/or group therapy services. Alternatively you may act primarily in a case management role, co-ordinating and supporting the intervention of other service providers. In either case you may also have direct contact with service users' families and/or significant others.

B - Project Management/Consultancy

This stream encompasses a broad range of roles. Choose this stream if you provide consultancy services to workplaces, manage major projects or work primarily in a research role.

What do I do if my role encompasses both these streams?

If there is some overlap in your role carefully read the items included in both streams. Then choose the stream that best describes the knowledge, behaviours and skills used in your primary role.

In rare circumstances, both streams within a domain may seem highly relevant. In this event you can include both streams in the evaluation. However be aware that in this circumstance your student would be required to pass both streams.

My students complete a project as part of a predominantly direct service provision placement. Does that mean I should use Stream B?

The short answer is "no". Because you work predominantly in Direct Service Provision, the items in Stream A will generally be more applicable. Find an item within the stream that you are using that will apply to the project.
For example a literature review presented to co-workers could be assessed using Co-worker Communication, item 3. Similarly, item 3 in 7A Service Provision could be used for the development of resources to be used when providing a service to clients.

Which stream should I use in my workplace?

Listen to a practice educator respond to this question.

Which domains contain a choice of streams?

Streams are only provided in three domains i.e. domains 4, 6 and 7. These address:

  • Communication Skills
  • Information Gathering
  • Service Provision

All other domains have the same learning objective and item bank for all workplaces.

Will I be cued when I need to choose a stream?

There are easily identified prompts on the evaluation forms when a choice of stream has to be made.