Module One: Before the Student Arrives

You are probably providing a practice placement in the near future. This module will support your preparation for the student's arrival. The good news is that this preparation generally only needs to be done once. The groundwork you complete for your first "SPEF-R2©" student will be applicable for any subsequent students you have, perhaps with minor alterations in response to feedback, or as new ideas come to mind. Using the SPEF-R2© effectively to ensure that both you and your student get the most from its features requires some time and preparation before the student arrives.

This module is in two parts:

Part one will provide you with information to help you become familiar with the tool

It will present:

  • a quick update on sound assessment practice
  • a general overview of the SPEF-R2©, its key features, structure and terminology

Part two will help you identify and complete key tasks prior to the student's arrival

It covers:

  • choosing the most appropriate stream for your workplace
  • "customising" item examples to ensure a good "fit" for your workplace
  • identifying the type of information you will need to substantiate your ratings and feedback

Remember as you work through the module please keep track of your suggestions and comments for the site evaluation.