Using the Site

The site has primarily been developed with the needs of occupational therapy practice educators in mind and has a strong emphasis on practical application - "What do I have to know/do to use the SPEF-R2© properly?"

Consequently, the training package is organised into three modules containing critical information and actions needed at different times throughout students' practice placements.

It is recommended that you systematically work your way from module one to module three. You may complete the training individually, with other colleagues, or perhaps within the context of a workshop.

It will be helpful to have your copy of the SPEF-R2© Package (including the SPEF-R2 User Manual) to refer to as you go. Navigation bars, more information boxes and the search function will help you locate specific information quickly if the need arises. Each web page is print friendly. You will also find:

  • links to useful websites and additional readings
  • short vignettes which expand and highlight key information 
  • activity sheets to accompany vignettes to help you identify and apply current evaluation and feedback principles 
  • audio recordings of responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with links to transcripts

Connect to the multi-media clips to see how using the SPEF-R2© may play out in real life! If your computer does not support these resources, as an alternative you can click on the link to read the scripts of the FAQs.

For ease of reading, students have been referred to singularly in most sections throughout the site. It is recognised that practice educators will often have more than one student at a time.

You may wish to read an introduction and welcome to the site by the SPEF-R2 Project Team, and the original 2008 SPEF-R Training Site welcome message from Associate Professor Sylvia Rodger here.

The SPEF-R2 Project Team (2018-2020)

Anne-Maree Caine (Project lead)
Jenny Fleming
Jodie Copley
Merrill Turpin
Teresa Quinlan
Wendy Hood
Chris Herd

The SPEF Revision team - SPEF-R (2005-2008)

Merrill Turpin (Project co-ordinator)
Sylvia Rodger (Project co-ordinator)
Cate Fitzgerald
Judy Jones
Jane Cuffe
Clair Hughes

The SPEF Development Team (1995-1998)

Merrill Turpin (Project co-ordinator)
Heather Allison (Project co-ordinator)
Jenny Fleming
Judy Jones
Mary Little
Kryss McKenna
Pamela Meredith
Mary Paterson


SPEF-R2 Project and Training Site Updates

The SPEF-R2 project was made possible with funding through The University of Queensland’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Funds were made available from SPEF-R licence subscriptions to support the research. We also gratefully acknowledge the timely feedback and suggestions provided by students, academics and practice educators during the development and revision of the SPEF-R2.

Original SPEF-R Training Site

The original SPEF-R training website was established by Web Services of The University of Queensland in consultation with the project team. The SPEF-R team would like to acknowledge funding received from The University of Queensland Strategic Teaching and Learning Grant Scheme which made the development of this training web site possible.

The project team would like to acknowledge Alice Schwarz Brunold, Design and Desktop Publishing, The University of Queensland (Gatton) and Gayle Paltridge, web designer, for their work in the creation of the original site. The team would also like to thank the following colleagues who participated in the production of the multi media resources, Sharon Alexis, Clara Chan, David Dickson, Cate Fitzgerald, Nick Flynn, Sue Holley, Anne-Marie Hunter, Judy Jones, Chrisdell McLaren, Anne Poulsen, Helen Uhlman, Melody Webb and the actors who played occupational therapy students, Alice Andrewartha, Jordan Fitzgerald, Richard Moore and Natasha Pizzica.