Training for the Student Practice Evaluation Form
- Revised (Second Edition) Package (SPEF-R2)

This site is designed for professional practice educators using the SPEF-R2© to evaluate students in occupational therapy professional practice placements. The site has primarily been developed with the needs of occupational therapy practice educators in mind and has a strong emphasis on practical application responding to the key question: "What do I have to know to use the SPEF-R2© effectively?" Completing this online training package will provide you with the information you need to use the tools with confidence, not only during times of formal evaluation, but also as a useful adjunct to practice placement planning and ongoing student communication. 

If you still have specific questions you need answered please contact practice placement staff at your university.

For some background regarding the SPEF-R2 development and the original version of this training site, please read our welcome message here: 

SPEF-R2 Welcome Page



Module 1: Before the student arrives

Module 2: When the student arrives

Module 3: Halfway and Final Evaluation