The SPEF-R© can provide more than just an "assessment" of student performance

The primary purpose of the SPEF-R© is to provide reliable, valid and constructive evaluation of occupational therapy student performance during block practice placements.

The potential usefulness of the SPEF-R© however extends beyond "student assessment". Engaging students with the SPEF-R© during orientation, and in an ongoing way throughout the practice placement can

  • facilitate clear communication about placement expectations
  • encourage student learning and ongoing planning that is clearly linked to learning objectives
  • encourage ongoing two way feedback between you and your student
  • facilitate student self-evaluation and reflection-on-practice

How can I learn how to make the most of the SPEF-R©?

A thorough understanding of the SPEF-R© prior to its use is imperative to ensure the reliability and validity of evaluation feedback. There are several steps you can take in order to use the tool with confidence.

It is strongly recommended that you

  • explore this training package- working through the information will provide you with a solid foundation to work from.
  • read the User Manual-Revised Edition. As with any evaluation you use in your practice a thorough understanding of the manual is a "must". Information is easy to find, with a clear index and use of headings and boxes labelled important which highlight key points throughout the text. A Checklist of Key Steps allows you to be confident that you have the process "covered" and directs you to specific pages of the text (if you need some reminders of what to do and how to do it). Appendices give specific examples of how to allocate a final grade and provide insights into what student performance may 'look like' at each level of the rating scale.
  • attend relevant workshops offered by the university to which you are affiliated. Workshop participants regularly report that they value the information provided and appreciate the opportunity to work through relevant issues with their peers.
  • contact university staff from your affiliated university if you require a copy of the User Manual or have any other specific enquiries.