Terminology varies so much across different occupational therapy workplaces. What terminology does the SPEF-R© use?

Because "jargon" does vary across workplaces, the SPEF-R© has incorporated the use of some generic terminology to best represent the scope of services occupational therapists currently provide and to accommodate possible future developments within the profession.

This terminology includes:

  • Practice Placement (professional practice placement) which incorporates alternative terms including fieldwork and student/clinical placement.
  • Practice educator (professional practice educator) who in some settings may be referred to as a clinical educator, a supervisor or clinical supervisor.
  • Service user which incorporates alternative terms including client, consumer and patient.
  • Information gathering which incorporates assessment, both formal and informal.
  • Service provision which in some settings may be referred to as intervention.

What language should I use when talking to students?

When giving feedback, and in discussions with students you should feel comfortable to adopt the terminology used in your workplace: however cue the students to the parallels in the SPEF-R©.

How do I match the terminology of the SPEF-R© with my workplace?

Listen to a practice educator respond to this question.